Information of Msvcr71.dll file

Msvcr71.dll is an important file which is the essential file of operating system. It is also essential for software, such as, game software and play software. Msvcr71 is a part of the Microsoft C Runtime Library. It is required for the essential running of the Microsoft libraries so it should not be removed.

What cause Msvcr71.dll errors?

Related registry file of MSVCR71.DLL damage
Missing or damaged MSVCR71.DLL module
Incompatible version of MSVCR71.DLL module
Unfinished system file removal
Driver update failure
Driver file corruption
Incomplete installation setup
Computer virus intrusion
Incorrect BIOS setting
Damaged hardware component
Corrupted or invalid software

Why do you need to fix Msvcr71.dll errors?

Once your computer experiencing Msvcr71.dll errors, you should take action to fix the problems below to save your PC:

Desktop icons can not delete
Blue Screen of Death errors
Software uninstall
The desktop fail to display
Program crashes

How to fix the Msvcr71.dll errors?

Solution 1: install antivirus software
It will cause damage and data lose if there are virus or Trojan horse virus attack your Msvcr71.dll. And you can not run programs and the system fail to operate. You can according to the steps to fix this error
1. Download antivirus software to run a full scan for your computer, and then delete the Trojan horse virus.
2. Down load a file system repair tool, finishing the installing ,you can click the "repair"button to repair the system files.
3. This tool can detect the lose and damage files automatically, and then fix the Msvcr71.dll error.

Solution 2: Download the Msvcr71.dll.
If your computer is missing the Msvcr71.dll, you can download it to fix this are the steps.
1. Download the Msvcr71.dll, and install it directly.
2. Copy the Msvcr71.dll on your system directory. If you use Windows XP you can copy it on the WindowsSystem32 of System C.
3. And then click Start, go to Run, and then enter regsvr32masvcr71.dll, then click Enter, you can fix the error.

Solution 3: keep Windows up to date
The automatic Windows update is classified as a useful solution to get rid of Msvcr71.dll error. It can help the computer safely replace the problematic Msvcr71.dll file. Here are the steps.

Step One: Click Start.
Step Two: And then go to Control Panel.
Step Three: Enable the Windows Update utility.
Step Four: Follow the instruction to install AxtiveX and click "Install" to install Windows Update utility.
Step Five: Install all of the updates.
Step Five: Restart PC.

Solution 4: restore system setting

if you are Windows XP users:
Step one: Click Start, and go to Programs.
Step two: Click Accessories –>System Tools –>System Restore.
Step three: Once System Restore pops up, click Create a restore point, and then press Next
Step four: Finish the description of the restore point, and then select Create. After a few seconds, the program tells you the date, time, and description of the new restore point.
Step five: Click Close

if you are Windows 7 users:
Step one: go to Control Panel and then click System.
Step two: find out the System Protection.
Step three: click the System Protection and select Create.
Step four: From System Protection, finish the description, and then click Create.

A helpful tool can help you to solve the registry problem. If you want to get rid of the slow computer, you should choose a reputable registry repair. A good registry repair can not only fix the registry problems for you, but also optimize your computer and clean up the junk files for you. It can speed up your computer by fixing the registry problems. How to fix msvcr71.dll error?

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