Mstscax.dll is one of the parts of Terminal Services ActiveX Client which locates on Windows operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. The legit version of it has been digitally signed from Microsoft Windows Component Publisher - Microsoft Timestamping Service. The related files of Terminal Services ActiveX Client contain lhmstscx.dll and msrdp.ocx.

What Bring About Mstscax.dll Eror Messages?

Unexpected corruption of Terminal Services ActiveX Client

Incorrect change on settings of Terminal Services ActiveX Client

Missing or damaged helpctr.exe

Helpctr.exe infected by spyware

Undesirable removal of Terminal Services ActiveX Client

Incorrect change on network settings and configuration

Missing or corrupt registry files

Overloaded Windows registry

Undesired network settings problems

Tips to fix Mstscax.dll errors?
The first step that you need to do when trying to fix Mstscax.dll missing problems is to scan and remove all PC threats from your computer immediately. We know that all viruses are able to attack and destroy all files on the computer and it may remove the needed Mstscax.dll from your computer. Once the dll file is deleted, numerous Mstscax.dll missing or Mstscax.dll not found error messages will appear again and again.

Also, you can manually replacing the Mstscax.dll file is probably be the best way to repair the error. You need to obtain a fresh copy of the dll file and register it onto your Windows system. Follow these steps to resolve the error: Download Mstscax.dll from the Internet -> Save the Mstscax.dll file onto your computer’s hard drive -> Browse to c:\Windows\System32 -> Locate the current Mstscax.dll on your system -> Rename the current Mstscax.dll to Wnaspi32BACKUP.dll -> Copy & paste the new Mstscax.dll into C:\Windows\System32 -> Click Start -> Run (Or search “run” on Vista & Win7) -> Type “cmd” in the box that appears ->Type “regsvr32 Mstscax.dll” on the black screen -> Press Enter

The Windows registry acts as the essential components for the Windows operating system designed to store system settings and options. Due to its crucial role in Windows operating system, any unexpected errors or problems occur to the Windows registry can possibly result in further complicated system problems, including undesired system pops- up, system shutdown and .exe file corruption. To completely fix Mstscax.dll error, you should safely get rid of the registry problems firstly.

An efficient solution for the registry problems is to enable a trusted registry repair tool on your computer. The trusted registry repair tool combines with a collection of professional utilities designed by reputable PC experts to help you totally wipe out unneeded registry components, repair corrupt registry files and fix obscure registry errors. With the trusted registry repair tool, you are empowered to get rid of any types of registry problems easily within few clicks. How to fix Mstscax.dll error and get rid of the undesirable registry problems efficiently?

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