What is Mfc42.dll?

Mfc42.dll is a file which is a Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) file that (is) applied by Visual Studio C++ to control functions and components inside various Windows applications. And if the Mfc42.dll file get some problems which make the Windows system cannot either delete or read it, your computer will encounter the Mfc42.dll error.

Causes behind the Mfc42.dll error

Once your computer is experiencing the Mfc42.dll error, you may want to fix it and you can use a fluently computer as soon as possible, but before you fix the error, you should know some information about this error, so you can fix it easily and quickly. Here are some causes of the Mfc42.dll error.

The DLL file is mistakenly removed or misplaced

Related system registry settings are corrupted or incorrect

Virus infection also damage the file or related components

Driver problems

Windows registry issues

Windows operation system error

Faulty application or software program is installed in the system.

Important .dll and .exe file missing or damaged

Malware infection in the system

Why do you need to fix the Mfc42.dll error as soon as possible?

If you find out your computer appears the Mfc42.dll error and you need to fix it as soon as possible, because this error can cause lots of problems. If you fail to fix this error, your computer will appear these messages blow:

Blue screen of death error.

Kinds of .dll and .exe file error.

Runtime error.

Fail to start up the Windows.

Malware attack.

Windows operating system cannot load itself.

Common Mfc42.dll error messages

You need to fix the Mfc42.dll error as soon as you can if your computer popped-up these messages:

"Mfc42.dll Not Found"

"This application failed to start because mfc42.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

"Cannot find [PATH]\mfc42.dll"

"The file Mfc42.dll is missing."

Solutions to repair Mfc42.dll error

As we know, the Mfc42.dll error can cause many computer problems, and if you fail to fix it, your computer will run slower than before and the computer performance will decrease too. So, you should learn how to fix this error, here are some solutions to fix this error.

Solution One: get back the Mfc42.dll file

If your computer appears the Mfc42.dll error messages frequently if the Mfc42.dll error messages appear on your computer, you can try to reinstall the amafc42.dll file, that's because your computer is missing the Mfc42.dll file, or the file is damaged. So, to fix this error, you can get back the Mfc42.dll file.

If you haven't empty the recycle bin, you can follow these steps:

1. Double click the recycle bin icon

2. Here are many programs and software which you have uninstalled and then find out the Mfc42.dll file.

3. Right click the Mfc42.dll file, and select restore.

If you have emptied the recycle bin, you need to reinstall the Mfc42.dll file, here are the steps:

1. Open your Internet Explorer and search the key word"Mfc42.dll file" or "Mfc42.dll" with google or other search engine.

2. Download Mfc42.dll file from a reliable website.

3. Copy and paste the file to C:\Windows\System32\.

4. Go to Start and choose Run and type "cmd" in the box, click OK.

5. Type "regsvr32 mfc42.dll" and press enter.

6. Restart your computer.

Solution Two: Reinstall the corrupt program

Sometimes the Mfc42.dll error is caused by the problematic program and software, if your computer encounter the Mfc42.dll error, you can try to fix the corrupt program, here are the steps:

1. Click Start and then go to Setting and open the Control Panel.

2. Here are many icons and double click the Add/Remove program.

3. Select the program which causing the Mfc42.dll error and then click Remove/Uninstall button.

4. Follow the instruction to uninstall the problematic program.

5. Reboot your computer.


Solution Three: Fix the registry problem on your computer

If you still fail to fix Mfc42.dll error with the solution one and solution two, you can consider to fix the Mfc42.dll error by repairing the corrupt registry. Because the problematic registry can cause many problems, such as, the Mfc42.dll error, blue screen of death error, infected by the virus, windows shutdown, fail to install or uninstall programs and software and so on. So, if you want to speed up your computer, you can fix the registry problem first. But fix the corrupt registry manually is not a good choice for you, because fix the registry problem manually is very slow, so, you can install a registry repair tool to fix this problem, you just need to install a repair tool and run this program regularly, it can solve the registry problem for you.

To sum up, the windows registry is a collection of databases of configuration setting in Microsoft Windows operation systems., and it is used to store much of the information. So, fix the corrupt is very important for your computer.

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