Perhaps you have ever taken warning messages occuring on your pc screen like these:
“A required file, rmkdepend.exe, was not found”
“Windows cannot find C:\Windows\system32 make sure you typed the name correctly and try again”
“This program can’t start because rmkdepend.exe is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”
“Application failed to initialize properly or specified module could not be found”
So annoying alert messages! They are aim to show you that something wrong have taken place on your pc system absolutely. What should you do first of all? It is likely that you will consider rebooting your computer to see if rmkdepend.exe error will be disappeared. Yes, sometimes a pc restart can resolve a special pc error. But, this is not a certain case to fix all kinds of computer issues seriously. So is the rmkdepend.exe error.

To fix rmkdepend.exe error, you may wanna know the concept of rmkdepend.exe clearly. In fact, rmkdepend.exe is short for Root application rmkdepend, and it is generated by the Root Team for Windows 7, Vista, Windows Xp and so on. In a safe computer circumstance, rmkdepend.exe file is normally located in pc directory of C:\\Windows\system32. If you notice that it is in the other directory, there will be potential problems with rmkdepend.exe probably. That is to say, your pc may get rmkdepend.exe error.

When you starting up your computer or wanting to play a computer on-line game, rmkdepend.exe error messages turn up suddenly. The messages tell you that “rmkdepend.exe is missing”, or “rmkdepend.exe was not found”. Then you should know rmkdepend.exe error is appearing on pc system right now.

Mainly, there are some multiple factors can lead to rmkdepend.exe error. Firstly, rmkdepend.exe file is possible to be deleted by virus or by pc users. Perhaps, you want to release your pc space so that you need to remove all those unwanted files and uninstall unneeded programs. And then you mistakenly take away the files in C:\\Windows\system32. Normally, we do not recommend you to change any pc system files in disc C.

Secondly, virus or malware infection can also bring about rmkdepend.exe error occasionally. The virus and malware threats has the ability to ruin your computer files and make it become invalid. Then the related process will be turned out damaged, and can not go on working effectively for you. Any time you surf on the internet or download a certain software program from an unknown website, you are possible to get potential threats.

Thirdly, pc registry is detected invalid or broken. As we know, registry can be thought as a main pc component that saves all the crucial settings and options of computer. When you install a program, that will be a record in registry database. When the important component gets damaged files, computer system will become disorder and even get in trouble seriously.

How to fix rmkdepend.exe error easily?
Before taking a good way to fix rmkdepend.exe error, it is recommended to take the following steps:
1) Stop rmkdepend.exe process runinng on your computer.
2) Restart computer
To end process of rmkdepend.exe, you can easily press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to open Windows Task Manager, and then type “Process” tab to find out rmkdepend.exe process. Finally click “End process” button to make it disable.
As most of pc problems are associated with registry invalid entries, you may know that it is the point to fully scan and clear up registry database as soon as possible. To be honest, a reliable registry repairing program is a prossional tool designed by computer expert to fix exe errors and optimize pc performance successfully. What’s more, this is the most easy way for you to solve pc errors without looking for help from others.

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