Learn Some Information of Rapimgr.exe Rapimgr.exe is a Microsoft ActiveSync Module from ActiveSync RAPI Manager which belongs to the program Microsoft ActiveSync developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft ActiveSync is used to help the computer synchronize files, calendar and even email with a mobile device. The related files of rapimgr.exe contain inetrepl.dll, wcescomm.dll, massync.dll, rapi.dll, cenetflt.dll, WCESMGR.exe and w3wp.exe.

Where Does the Error Come From? Unexpected damage on crucial system files
Missing, damaged or incompatible version of rapimgr.exe
Failure to load Microsoft ActiveSync
Problems with USB hubs
Undesirable modification on Microsoft ActiveSync
Parental control utilities restrict network access
Missing or corrupt registry files of Microsoft ActiveSync
Unneeded registry components
Problems with virtual private networks
Missing or damaged driver files of Microsoft ActiveSync
Disabled or invalid drivers associated with Microsoft ActiveSync
Incorrect system updated files
Unexpected spyware attacks

What Problems May Easily Be Generated by Rapimgr.exe Error? Unable to load Microsoft ActiveSync properly
Failure to synchronize data from the system to the mobile device
Unable to remove unneeded system components
Cannot load the latest updated system components
Excessive amount of hard- to- manage system pops- up
Failure to load Windows Auto Update utility
Hazardous cyber threat invasion
Blue Screen of Death errors messages
Black Screen of Death pops- up
Software instability
Unexpected reduction of system performance

If the system has totally been controlled by spyware, you may also have to face a list of further complicated system problems.

Drastic decrease of network bandwidth
Third- party program uninstall failure
Missing or damaged system files
Overwritten system components
Missing personal or sensitive information
Missing commercial files, identity details, email information
Constant system pops- up
Unable to visit security related websites
Failure to enable Windows Security Center Auto Update utility

Available Guide to Fix Rapimgr.exe Error Solution One: Keep system up- to- date.
For Windows Vista and Windows 7:
Step One: Click Start, and then enable Windows Update utility through typing Windows update onto the search box, and then clicking Windows Update from the Program list.
Step Two: Click Change settings from the left pane.
Step Three: Select the option that you need.
Step Four: From Recommended updates, select Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates or Include recommended updates when downloading, installing, or notifying me about updates option, and then click OK.

For Windows XP:
Step One: Double click to run My Computer, click Search, type sysdm.cpl onto the pop- up named Search for files or folders named:, click Search Now.
Step Two: Double click the file to enable the utility.
Step Three: Go to Automatic Updates tab, and then select Automatic (recommended) Automatically download recommended updates for my computer and install them option.

Solution Two: Eliminate spyware completely.
Spyware refers to any technology that has the ability to get illegitimate profits through infiltrating into the system silently and abusing users’ personal or commercial information. During the process of the invasion, spyware has the ability to generate multiple complicated system problems which have been mentioned above. To fix rapimgr.exe error, you may consider solving the undesirable spyware problems if you have experienced security issue.

Solution Three: Fix registry problems.
The Windows registry is an important part of Windows operating system. It contains information for low- level system components and third- party applications which are set to run with Windows registry. Any undesirable modification on the Windows registry may easily result in a list of hazardous computer problems, including unexpected Blue Screen of Death error messages, failure to load the system properly, drastic reduction of network performance and problems with system components. In order to fix rapimgr.exe error, it is suggested to fix the registry problems firstly.

A trusted registry repair tool may help solve the problems. It contains professional registry maintenance toolkits which are especially designed for performing total removal for unneeded registry components, fixing obscure registry pops- up and repairing corrupt registry files. How to fix rapimgr.exe error and eliminating registry error messages from the computer completely?

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