File Information
Hpwamain.exe is an HPWAMain Module belongs to HP Wireless Assistant developed by Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Its path is C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMain.exe. It locates in Program Files\hewlett-packard\hp wireless assistant folder. The related files of hpwamain.exe contain hpwa_main.resources.dll, hpcommon.dll, hpcasllibrary.dll, hpsf.exe, hpsysdrv.exe and HpqToaster.exe.

Why does hpwamain.exe error appear on your computer?

The undesirable HP Wireless Assistant problem can be caused by multiple system problems.

Missing, corrupt or invalid hpwamain.exe
Missing, damaged or incompatible driver files
Disable drivers
Driver update problems
Undesirable increase of registry components
Damage or missing registry files
Obscure registry pops- up
HP Wireless Assistant load failure
Undesirable damage on HP Wireless Assistant files
HP Wireless Assistant update problems
Incorrect modification on Windows registry
Unwanted damage on crucial system files

Possible Problems after Experiencing Hpwamain.exe Error: You have recently been experiencing an inexplicable loss of system performance along with unexpected Blue Screen of Death pops- up problems.
Common programs need longer time to boot.
Third- party application cannot be removed completely.
Essential system components cannot be removed.
Windows files cannot be loaded smoothly.
Windows application cannot be updated.
Multiple network problems bombard the poorly optimized computer, including inexplicable loss of network performance, unexpected network connection failure, home network router problems and Windows File and Printer Sharing.
Driver fails to keep itself up- to- date and bring about Black Screen of Death errors to your computer.

How to fix hpwamain.exe error with simple solutions?
Solution One: Restore hpwamain.exe from Recycle Bin
If you have mistakenly moved hpwamain.exe to the recycle bin, it is suggested to restore it for keep HP computer running stably.

Solution Two: Disable hpwamain.exe from the Windows Task Manager
Step One Click Start, and then go to Run. Type taskmgr.exe onto the Run box, press Enter to enable Windows Task Manager.
Step Two: Click Processes tab.
Step Three: Locate and right-click the hpwamain.exe file.
Step Four: Click End Process option.

Solution Three: Fix registry problems.
The Windows registry is the crucial part of Windows operating system for it is used to store the entire settings and options of the system. Any problems occur to the Windows registry can possibly lead to critical system problems, including missing essential system file, slow computer performance, long time to load system, software instability, Blue Screen of Death errors and program download and install failure. To efficiently fix the undesirable error, you should firstly get rid of registry problems.

To install a trusted registry repair tool on the PC is the safest way for common computer users to fix registry problems. A trusted registry repair tool combines with a list of professional toolkits that can help fix obscure registry errors, wipe out undesirable registry components and repair damaged registry files. How to fix hpwamain.exe error and get rid of registry problems effectively?

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