What is Iexplore.exe?

Iexplore.exe is a system process which comes included with Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is a essential file required by your computer's Windows Operation System, so you cannot remove or delete this file. And if the Iexplore.exe file is damaged, your computer will encounter the Iexplore.exe error.

Common causes of Iexplore.exe error

Computer users may encounter many problems when you are using the PC, Iexplore.exe error is a common computer error, but you should be careful with it, because lots of reasons can cause this error. If you want to fix Iexplore.exe error quickly and efficiently, you should realize the causes of this error.

Undesirable disk errors

Low hard drive space

Install the corrupt programs

Program install or uninstall failure

Damaged hardware component 

Outdated Windows driver

Infected by the virus


Why do you need to fix the Iexplore.exe error as soon as possible?

If you fail to fix the Iexplore.exe error as soon as possible, your computer may appears these messages:


System crashes

Computer freezes

High CPU usage

Frequent popped-up Iexplore.exe error messages

Sharp deterioration of PC performance

Fail to open the browser

Possible messages of Iexplore.exe error

"AutoComplete: Iexplore.exe-Application error"

"SysFader:Iexplore.exe error"

"Iexplore exe application error"

"Iexplore.exe is Not Found"

"Iexplore.exe is missing"

"explorer.exe class not registered."
"Windows host process (Rundll32) has stopped working."

How to fix the Iexplore.exe error?

If your computer is experiencing the Iexplore.exe error, you should repair this error as soon as possible, because this error can cause many problems which will slow down your computer.


Solution One: Disable third-party browser extensions in Internet Explorer

Sometimes, this Iexplore.exe error may caused by the third-party browser, you can disable it to fix the Iexplore.exe error. To do this, perform the following steps.

1. Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, and select Internet Options, and then click the Advanced tab.

2. Under the Browsing section, clear the checkbox before Enable third-party browser extensions.

3. Click Apply to save the changes and then click OK.

4. Restart your computer.


Solution Two: Update the Internet Explorer

1. Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button, and then choose the All programs and then click the Windows Update

2. And then click the check for updates

3. Click View available updates, If you can found any updates.

4. select the Internet Explorer updates which is you want and then click install.


Solution Three: Repair the registry programs

As we know, many computer errors are caused by the problematic registry, if you want to speed up your computer and keep it at its top performance, you can install a registry repair tool. Because fix the registry error manually is very troublesome and slow, but use the registry repair tool is very fast and easy. You just need to install a registry repair tool, and the process this tool regularly, you will notice your computer running faster and fluently than before. That is because the repair tool not only fix the registry error for you, but also clean up your computer, so that your computer can running fast at its top performance.

In a word, Iexplore.exe is a common problem in your computer system, and you can fix it by installing the registry repair tool. If you want to get rid of the slow computer and all kinds of computer problems, you can try ro install the registry repair tool.

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