MSASCui.exe is an element of MicroSofts Windows Defender Anti Spyware program that locates on the install bundle of the Windows Vista Operating Systems. With the help of this security program, you can run the computer to browse what you want without worrying to be compromised. But there is a problem annoys some Vista users right now; that is, when starting up they keep on getting an “MSASCui.exe Application Error” saying that “The application failed to initialize properly (0×8000003). Click OK to terminate the application.” Here, I will show you very fastest way to manage MSASCui.exe error the simplest way.

First of all, let’s take a look at what leads to MSAScui.exe error:
Mis-deletion of the MSAScui.exe files from the computer

    Corrupt dll files
    Malware infection
    Inadequate system memory
    Conflicts among programs
    Incomplete uninstall process

How to fix MSAScui.exe error?
First of all, please be aware that the default location of the MSAScui.exe file should be: C:\Program Files\hp\hp ut\bin folder. So, when getting the error message, discover where the file on your PC. If you find it anywhere else, the MSAScui.exe could be a virus, Trojan, worm, or spyware as they are able to assault and camouflage any legit files on the computer. In such situation, it is highly suggested that you can run your computer protection tool to thoroughly scan and remove all PC threats from the computer promptly.

Secondly, it is extremely suggested that you can download and install all available software and hardware updates as these helps to fix all the bugs that still existing in the programs or hardware. By the way, you should also install all Windows update packs to maintain and enhance the stability of the computer without numerous MSAScui.exe error messages. By the way, more information on how to repair Windows update failure can be effortlessly found here.

The last thing that you should do is to fix the system error to clean up computer registry. You know that no matter which program you set up on the computer, it will automatically add needed entries into the registry database to inform the system when or how to perform every computer activity. However, when uninstalling programs from the computer, some registry entries will be stayed in the database just like a stubborn element. Normally, these left over entries will significantly screw up the entire system to result in MSAScui.exe error and decrease the computer speed. Hence, to prevent and fix MSAScui.exe system error, you’d better keep your registry clean and compact all the time with the help of a registry cleaning utility.

Though various factors can result in a MSAScui.exe error, you can rapidly repair it with the easy solutions here. Take them now and you can instantly enjoy a PC without errors.

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